Hook Me Up



Hook Me Up DXB is a shisha service, catering for shisha cafes, and restaurants

COVID Friendly

At Hook Me Up DXB, we aim to provide the best and most enjoyable experience whilst being as COVID friendly as possible. We strive for the safety of our customers. Our ‘one-use’ mentality reduces the spread of COVID as it can only be used once and reduces the risk.

ECO Friendly

Our shishas are made with recyclable materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint and do our best to help the environment. These disposable shishas, after it’s one use can be thrown away in the bin as usual or recycled as we recommend.

Healthy Option

Hook Me Up DXB is AGAINST the use of tobacco, which is why we only use flavours which are tobacco and nicotine free, as it is a healthier alternative. This allows for a smoother, cleaner and tastier smoke.

How it works

5 easy steps to order and enjoy your shisha

Step 1:

Order through the website or on WhatsApp.

Step 2:

Our team will deliver it to you within an hour of the order.

Step 3:
set up

A simple step by step guide will be given in order to set up.

Step 4:

Smoke and enjoy your tobacco and nicotine free shisha.

Step 5:
Get rid

You can put in the bin or recycle as we recommend.